Eating 'sin gluten' in Barcelona

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If you're headed to Barcelona, we've teamed up with coeliac local, Gemma Azorín to bring you all the best coeliac friendly jaunts.

Remember, 'sin gluten' means GLUTEN FREE and celiaquía means coeliac - with these words and this article in your arsenal, you can be sure to have a great time in Barcelona.

Where to eat in Barcelona?

A wide range of different cuisines can be found in Barcelona. There's vegetarian, Japanese, Greek, Italian and also the traditional Spanish Tapas Bar.

Are there going to be the same variety of restaurants for a celiac person? There is much celiac awareness in Barcelona and this is why the majority of restaurants include signs on menus informing of what dishes contain traces of gluten or are #glutenfree.


Walking around the legendary district of Gracia, a place where narrow streets coexist with unique buildings, windows are made of impossible drawings and beautiful architecture is worth of great portraits, we find Le Messie Sin Gluten, a paradise for celiac's who are pizza lovers and enjoy good pasta. A restaurant offering all types of food that was once prohibited to us, such as pasta, pizza, beer or homemade cakes. A gluten-protected area where products containing gluten have no place and, therefore, we can eat safely knowing that cross-contamination is impossible.

A safe bet for Friday nights to enjoy a good pizza with the traditional flavor. But if you are someone who likes enjoying a good movie laying on the sofa without saying ‘no’ to pizza, they also have a home delivery service in the same neighborhood. A safe and tasty bet!

You'll find it at: Carrer de Siracusa, 15, 08012 Barcelona





Not far from there, two streets below, we find a small restaurant where the fusion of Mediterranean, vegetarian and healthy dishes are the star on the menu: El Gut, a place to enjoy an explosion of flavor.

"GUT" in German means "good", while in English means intestine and it gives name to this quirky restaurant owned by three friends that like to see carefulness and teaching in the art of good eating.

A menu, well cooked and well designed for the most demanding palates. The dishes are cooked with organic products, especially vegetarian options, and most importantly, all dishes are adapted for celiacs. A colorful selection, with influences from other cuisines to create a healthy menu based on the fusion and the best of each country.

If you are someone who has a traveler palate and you enjoy tasting the ingredients of each dish, The Gut is a safe bet. A tiny place, with unparalleled service and where you do enjoy your five senses.



website :

You'll find it at: Carrer del Perill, 13, 08012 Barcelona


And on Sundays in Barcelona it’s typical to go for a good brunch, and what better place to enjoy the sun of Barcelona than eating on the terrace of Bloom BCN?

Bloom is a bistro café located in the center of Eixample, where breakfast becomes one of the main meals of the day. With an international cuisine and a creative touch, it offers dishes cooked with organic products, with options for vegetarians, vegans and for celiacs.

You'll find it at: Aribau 31, 08011 Barcelona




In the neighborhood of Raval, we find a small oasis in the middle of the city, Flax&Kale. A flexitarian restaurant inspired by New York's Soho restaurants.

Flax & Kale is defined as Healthy Flexiteriano restaurant where all the dishes are designed for you to enjoy tasting new ingredients and textures, while taking care of yourself inside and outside. Their menu, in which most of the dishes are vegan, identifies each meal with a list of different allergens. What’s more, most of the dishes are gluten free!

A place to eat healthily and accompany the dishes with a big variety of fresh homemade juices, with fruits and fresh vegetables to complete a balanced diet.

The restaurant has its own rooftop where they cultivate their vegetables, a space where health and happiness combine to create dishes and juices for us to feel better both inside and outside. A kitchen where the ingredients of each dish contain vitamins and nutrients that give you everything your body needs to be healthy, happy and live longer!

Find it at: Carrer dels Tallers, 74B, 08001 Barcelona ​​




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