Latina Fresh Gluten Free Pasta

The best thing about these products is they fill a giant hole for us coeliac’s – the ‘I’m tired and I just want an easy meal’ lurch – and even better, they’re endorsed by Coeliac Australia. Each takes just four minutes to cook once thrown in a pot of boiling water and taste great. Latina’s GF range includes four products – lasagne sheets, fettucine, beef ravioli and ricotta and spinach agnoletti.

Here’s my opinion of the latter two (I’m yet to try the lasagne sheets or fettucine!):


Nutrition: My first stop when trying any new pasta is a look at the ingredients list – even if I’m sure it’s gluten free. So many GF products are packed with nasties and as a nutritionist it upsets me to see so many people buying GF products that are packed with salt, sugar, chemicals and the like! Fortunately, the ingredient list is free of any nasties, but is a little high in salt – so best to keep this to a once in while meal, rather than an everyday choice.

Cooking: Packet instructions are simple. Tip the ravioli into a pot of boiling water and cook for four minutes. Be careful not to overcook or stir too much as the pockets can burst leaving brown specks of beef strewn across your whole dinner (not super appetising).

Taste: The pasta cases are very tasty for gluten free, however the beef filling is a little scant. Still it’s a tasty product, made even more so with the addition of a tomato-based sauce.


Nutrition: I love the ricotta and spinach combo so I was very happy to learn of this new Latina offering, and the fact that it was relatively healthful (when compared to other GF ready meals).

Cooking: Easy to cook and can be on the table in minutes! As above – be careful not to manhandle this pasta when cooking or it will burst! With a little caution, however, the filling does stay inside its case.

Taste: In my opinion, beef ravioli tops this variety. While the pasta cases are very nice, there’s little filling in each, and it’s not particularly flavoursome. Without sauce, this is actually rather bland, so load up on your favourite sauce for an enjoyable dish.

The bottom line?

Ultimately, these products are good to have in reserve for those night’s when you can’t be bothered to cook. I look out for when they’re on special and stockpile in the freezer. Although I’m typically a fan of veggie options (due to health benefits), the beef certainly wins this battle in my eyes.

Beef = 8/10 | Spinach and Ricotta = 6.5/10

Where can I get it?

Fridge section at Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets.