Byron Bay

The hippy healthy vibe that is Byron Bay serves us coeliacs well.

Natural, organic wholefoods are rife - and gluten free options are wide!

The only real issue in Byron is stressing you have coeliac disease, not just choosing gluten free for "health", so steps need to be taken to avoid cross contamination. The people in Byron are generally very chilled out and happy to help - you just have to ask!

Fresh Cafe

This is the cutest little cafe/restaurant and the staff are more than helpful! My waitress went and spoke to the chef to confirm the GF marked special was in fact coeliac safe and it was - even better she alerted me to their GF dessert options. Sooo of course we ordered one and my non-GF boyfriend reckoned it was the best dessert he'd ever eaten! Live music and a balmy evening made this the perfect romantic meal spot.

Orgasmic Falafels

Not only are these falafels gluten free, they are so damn tasty!!! Even better they are happy to serve them up on a plate for you with salad, hummus and tahini from the back to avoid CC - perfect for a healthy and vegetarian lunch.

Combi Byron Bay

I'd been to the store in Melbourne and knew almost 100% of their offering was gluten free, and I was happy to learn this sister cafe followed suit. I opted for a smoothie and raw cake for my afternoon treat - all their cakes are gluten free so no worries about CC here. Great option for a snack stop. They do have spelt toast (not GF) so if you head here for brekky, be aware.

Beach Hotel

It was a sunny afternoon and my partner and I strolled into the Beach Hotel for a drink or two and some afternoon nibbles. I approached to kitchen, and spoke to the staff about coeliac safe options (I find this gives better results than gluten free options). They were very happy to whip me up a gluten free variety on their antipasto platter and piled on a load of lettuce leaves to wrap up the goodies (cheeses, olives, gherkins etc) in place of bread and crackers.


This plant based cafe has a serious reputation and in my eyes - it certainly lived up to it. Yummy salads/breakfast bowls that can all be made gluten free.

Love Byron Bay Creperie

I wandered past this little shop at around 9pm and they were still whipping up crepes! A little sign caught my eye that said: SAVOURY CREPES GLUTEN FREE. A big smile spread across my face so I went and asked them if they could make me a REALLY gluten free pancake. Fortunately, they were willing to clean down the hot plate and the utensils and their nutella was applied via a squeeze bottle and not spread with a spatula or knife - so no worries about cross contamination. It was really yummy and there were no issues from staff about me having sweet toppings on a savoury pancake and no issues with my tummy - super delicious!!!

Bay Kebabs

All ingredients are GF aside from the normal wraps but luckily for us - they've got GF wraps. CC is mitigated here with the use of metal plates for every wrap rather than sliding the bread across the bench. Staff needed a little reminder to change their gloves and not to toast the kebab but with prompting were happy to help!

Guzman y Gomez

A cheap and cheerful Mexican chain that's well aware of coeliac disease. Got a great menu with GF options marked. At the time of writing everything was GF aside from the flour tortillas and churros making it a good option for a quick and easy lunch and dinner.

Treehouse on Belongil

A bit off the beaten track, this beautiful lounge bar lies just a 15 minute walk from the centre of Byron Bay. Yummy drinks, GF pizzas and nachos and live music. Items are marked GF on the menu but be sure to tell waitstaff that you've got coeliac disease and they'll happily tend to your needs.

Topshop Byron Bay

This local jaunt is at the top of a hill (hence the name) so get ready for a walk! There's also not a lot of seating but locals quite happily make their own options in the sun - whether it's arranging some of the cafe's chairs in a circle or rolling out a picnic rug on the grassy knoll in front of the eatery. In light of this, all the food comes takeaway style in little boxes - whether you eat indoors or not. Despite this, it's high quality produce that's yummy and according to the waitress who served me, all of their menu items can be made GF. There was a lot of gluten filled items around though so I opted for an acai bowl (smoothie topped with GF muesli) that was built at a seperate station. My tummy gave it the tick of approval!