Food for Health Muesli Bars

It’s not always easy to find gluten free food on the go, so carrying snacks at all times is a must do. Nuts and crackers work, but as a sweet tooth I was always after something more. Enter – Food for Health muesli bars! Developed by a naturopath with health and dietary requirements in mind, these bars certainly hit the mark. They are SOOO yummy and as well as being gluten free, certain varieties are also dairy free, fructose friendly and vegan.

Now, a disclaimer: two of their bars ARE NOT gluten free – the Cacao, Vanilla & Chia bars and the Coconut, Almond and Chia Bars – so avoid these!!!

But, the remaining five gluten free bars are delicious (I’ve taste tested a few too many of them – but all in the name of research, right?). Here’s my verdict on each:

  • Cinnamon, Hazelnut and Chia Bars- These bars are free of fructose (do I hear a happy FODMAPPER?) AND glucose, but are still sweet thanks to a hit of natural sweetener, Natvia. They’ve got a delicious cinnamon flavour and are packed with wholegrain goodness from buckwheat, millet and rice, as well as the protein and healthy fats found in the range of seeds and nuts included. At just 103 calories per bar, these are perfect for an afternoon snack.

  • Coconut, Cacao and Chia Bars – These ones are my personal favourites – chocolate and coconut is a heavenly combination!! Packed with superfoods like chia seeds and cacao, they’re crunchy and chocolatey, but without the guilt at just 112 calories per bar. These bars are also free of fruit and therefore fructose!

  • Cranberry, Apple & Amaranth Bars– These gluten and dairy free bars are really yummy! Cranberries and apples pair perfectly to give you that energy hit that’ll get you through the afternoon. Enjoy wholegrain goodness

  • Fruit Free Bars – These were the first Food for Health product I stumbled across and they are still the ones I buy most often. They’re gluten, dairy and fructose free, making them the perfect snack for a fussy tummy. Wholegrain goodness and seeds will help keep you full, even though each bar contain less than 90 calories. Perfect for a guilt-free and safe snack.

  • Vanilla, Blueberry & Teff Bars - Teff is an amazingly healthful grain that’s just coming into the superfood scene – and deservedly so! This high-protein wholegrain stars alongside quinoa in this yummy bar that’ll keep you satisfied for longer. I love the combo of vanilla and blueberry in this bar, especially as it’s low fructose!