Abbott's Village GF Bread

Finding your ‘go-to’ gluten free bread is a long battle for many gluten avoiders.

Some loaves are as dense as brick, while others crumble at the slightest touch – and that’s before we even talk about taste! After tasting many a foul loaf, I came across Burgen’s GF Soy-Lin – my personal favourite. But even so, heading to my GF toaster each morning with my small squares of bread, I couldn’t help but look over in admiration of my Mum’s gluten-filled Abbott’s Village Bread – packed with seeds and a proper crust and almost bigger than my two sad pieces combined. So when I heard the company were venturing into the GF market, I couldn’t have been more excited.

I whizzed around to my local Woolworths on launch day and to my dismay couldn’t find any, but I was determined. And four supermarkets later (I promise I have a life) I found a loaf. And it was worth the wait – a larger slice than normal, I could eat it fresh rather than toasted (the ultimate test for GF bread) and it was priced similarly to other loaves.

I thought I may have been converted and happily set off for my second loaf – however this one was nowhere near the same – crumbly and dry – I was terribly upset. From my snooping it seems this may have been a frozen then defrosted loaf – whereas my first was a fresh.

So while this may seem a little ‘sit-on-the-fence’-like, I’d said this product is fantastic fresh, and a little below average if defrosted. I've been told that the loaves that have been frozen then thawed on shelf can be identified by the white best before stickers that supermarkets place on items when they stock shelves - so keep an eye out!

Fresh loaf: 8/10

Frozen: 4.5/10