My favourite GF products

It’s fantastic to see so many gluten free products available, however, it can be difficult to know which to choose! Plus, there’s nothing worse than spending an arm and a leg on a new product and finding out it’s rubbish! So that said, I thought I’d share my favourite products with you! Nothing sponsored, just my genuine faves.

Also super important to note that 80% of my diet is made up with naturally gluten free foods: rice, quinoa, lean meats, legumes, fruit and veg. Not only are these foods healthier for us, they’re delicious, cheaper and there’s no need to read ingredients lists! But for the remaining 10% of the time, these are my go-to’s:

*Products change ingredients ALL the time – so PLEASE always still read the labels!


PACKAGED BREAD: Burgen soy-lin – after trying every other store-bought bread this to me tastes the best and doesn’t need to be toasted to be enjoyed.

PASTA: Barilla or Latina Beef Ravioli – I love Barilla pasta as I think it tastes so much like the normal stuff! Ravioli is the only variety they seem to be missing so I turn to the Latina Beef Ravioli for a treat every now and again.

WRAPS: B-FREE – these wraps do not break or crumble (seriously check out my video a while back) and they actually taste yum! Pretty pricey but worth the investment!

CEREAL: Woolworths Free From Gluten Café Style Berry Crunch (amazingly tasty but a little high in sugar – so not an everyday food!)


CRACKERS: Sakata wholegrain rice crackers & Sunrice thin sea salt and balsamic vinegar GF rice cakes

BISCUITS: Coles white chocolate and cranberry macaroons & Butterfingers’ gluten free pure butter shortbread

BAKED GOODS: Anything from Gluten free 4 U – 100% GF bakery – their choc croissants and cherry Danishes are the best! (Sorry if you’re not in Melbourne!)

CHIPS/POPCORN: Cobs popcorn lightly salted, slightly sweet, Kettle chips (sweet chilli and sour cream & plain), Smith’s – now all GF!

MUESLI BARS: Food for Health GF Cranberry bars & Fruit free bars

SOUPS: La Zuppa pumpkin soup

DIPS: Yumi’s olive and eggplant dips


LOLLIES: Big W Party Mix & Haribo Gummi Bears CHOCOLATE: Pana chocolate CAKE MIX: Betty Crocker GF chocolate fudge brownie & devil’s food cake mix