Chia pudding

This superfood style dessert or breakfast is packed with protein and other vitamins, and is SO easy to make. The below recipe is for the basic pudding which I often enjoy on it's own or with some fruit and granola, but feel free to mix it up! I've also listed some other yummy combo's I've tried and tested.


½ cup chia seeds ¾ cup coconut cream or coconut yoghurt ½ tsp pure vanilla extract


Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well, until all chia seeds are fully mixed in with the liquid.

Cover with glad wrap and refrigerate overnight. If you're not organised - don't panic! It will still taste yummy after half an hour in the fridge too.

In the morning, the chia will be soaked and ready to enjoy.

Top with diced fruit and gluten free muesli or try some of these suggestions below:

- Choc banana – add 1 tbsp raw cacao powder, stir through, then top with a sliced banana.

- Raspberry – add 1 cup frozen raspberries and a tablespoon of GF flour to a pan and cook down into a raspberry coulis. Drizzle over the chia pudding and add some toasted seeds.

- Salted caramel – blend 10 medjool dates with ¼ cup coconut cream to make a salted caramel sauce. Drizzle the sauce over the pudding then top with some finely chopped raw caramel chocolate.

- PB & J - use the raspberry coulis recipe from above to make your 'jam' and pour atop of the pudding. Add a tablespoon of PB and the masterpiece is completed.

- Add fresh raspberries, strawberry yoghurt and crumbled bliss balls.

- Smoothie jar - sandwich the chia pudding between two of your favourite smoothie combos for an epic brekky on the run.