Why coeliacs should NEVER eat gluten

Whether it’s a whiff of the bakery when you walk by, a friend gorging on a crispy meat pie or a really crappy day, we can all relate to times when you’ve felt like just giving up.

For me, it's a tie between Subway and Ben and Jerry's. The freshly baked bread and the sickly sweet waffle cones are almost impossible to resist.

But just when you feel like giving in PLEASE REMEMBER as a coeliac, eating gluten is more damaging that just the initial stomach ache (although sometimes the initial reaction is also pretty vile).

The below infographic shares just some of the health problems associated with eating gluten:

Reading that is enough to shock me out of any gluten day dreams but I'm the first to admit that when temptations are rife, sometimes it's tough to think about the future and you just think - stuff it!

But cancer isn't worth it. Nor infertility. Nor a lifetime of poor health. So PLEASE save this link to your phone, print it and have it in your handbag, screen shot it - whatever! Keep this reminder close by.

And remember, that lolly, chip, bite of cake, even cherry Danish is NOT worth it.

There are SO many #glutenfree alternatives of all your favourite foods which mightn’t be quite as good, but will still hit the spot.

Take a look through the blog, you might just find a recipe for a new gluten free favourite.

Wishing you all best health,

Georgie xxx