When others make you 'gluten free' food

It’s a common dilemma. Your colleague, friend or a family member has gone to the effort of making something gluten free for you. They are so proud of themselves for being considerate and assure you they’ve checked the labels thoroughly.

Whether or not you trust their judgement, it’s an awkward situation. You feel the pressure to try the food they’ve made specially to suit you (not the delicious flaky pastry they could have made) but do they know that some corn flour isn’t gluten free even though corn is? Or that icing sugar is often laden with gluten? What about hydrolysed vegetable protein? What about using a siv for the newly bought gluten free flour that wasn’t totally clean? Or scooping in a big spoon of butter that they contaminated multiple times with their morning toast knife?

My watchful eye at a Balinese cooking school (actually great with GF)

It can be a really awkward situation. My plan of attack: An enormous thank you and I’d love to take some home.

That way, others can enjoy and you can relax.

Of course, another great way to avoid this situation is really educating those around you.

I’ve sat and discussed the perils of cross contamination with a work colleague whose best friend is also a coeliac. He’s so hyper-aware of my needs I’d trust his cooking over my own sometimes – so when it’s his turn for morning tea, I’ll sit and enjoy with the whole team.

This is one for discretion and going with that gut feeling. There’s no need to be rude, but also no need to make yourself ill to be polite.