Avoiding cross contamination at home

Often times there’s just one #glutenfree person in a household, and even the most educated well-intending person can slip up.

Heck, even I’ve done it – a stir of the gluten pasta then an absent-minded stir of the sauce (DOH).

So to avoid cross contamination at home, I’ve bought a few key items of my own – chopping boards, a toaster and a colander and implemented my very own system – green = #GF!

I’ve loaded up on tonnes of those green circular stickers and they are on everything that’s mine.

Even when cooking I’ll pop one on the spoon I’m using to avoid any disasters like mentioned above!

Items like spreads which can’t easily be spread without crumb contamination also get donned with a green sticker – green for safe, green for gluten free and green for Georgie – the perfect alliteration.

This system mightn't work for you, but it's important to come up with some sort of solution that does. After all, home should be somewhere where you feel safe to eat!