About me

Hi, I'm Georgie. 

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease back in 2005 and was lucky enough to have relatives with the disease to make the transition a little easier. Yet, still, it was a difficult journey. Thinking of those who were diagnosed and faced with the huge lifestyle transformation that comes with being coeliac, I knew I wanted to help. So here's my helping hand - a website and Instagram packed to the brim with recipes, reviews and helpful information to make navigating the gluten free road a little easier. 

After a few years posting solely on Instagram, I'm so pleased to see my small following grow to more than 30k on Instagram and blossom into this website.

If you've got ay questions relating to the coeliac journey that aren't answered by this site, please get in touch - my aim is to help!

Also, if you have an awesome gluten free product or coeliac safe eatery you think I should know about please get in touch using the form below.  I love working with great gluten free friendly brands.

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